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I kind of miss making gifs and edits and playing in Photoshop =/

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Everything I love here

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It’s so confusing, feeling happy yet so alone… my heart hurts too often lately…

has anyone had any luck with watching the new episides of Switched at Birth and/or The Fosters online?? i’ve missed the past two weeks and want to catch up before i watch this weeks :( the abc family website doesn’t support cable one yet so i can’t watch it there

idk what websites will let me watch for free… help??

When Stef and I are at home, we hold hands and kiss. Sometimes when we’re out in a new neighborhood, or we’re walking home late to our car, we won’t hold hands. Some people out there are afraid of what’s different. And sometimes they want to hurt people like Stef and me. So, every time we’re out and I want to hold Stef’s hand, but I decide not to, I get mad. Mad at the people who might want to hurt us, but mad at myself, too, for not standing up to them.

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All the memories and stuff. They can’t have it. OK?

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COUNT DOWN TO THE FINAL: favorite moment

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"You’re a piece of work but you’re my piece of work, I accept you- every single thing that makes you who you are, from now until the end of time, I love you

"You’re the person I’ve been waiting for my whole life, and I am so proud to be standing up here, in front of our friends and family, to make sure they know just how lucky I feel to have found you… and just how much I love you

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RIP Steve, happy birthday


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